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The City of Richmond

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Fast Facts:

  • Richmond was home to 229,395 people and had 113,481 housing units in 2022. Since 2010, Richmond has added an average of 2,100 people and 1,200 housing units per year.
  • Fifty-seven percent of households were renters and 53 percent of renters had unaffordable housing costs.
Sources: Census Population and Housing Unit Estimates, Decennial Census, American Community Survey (2018-22), and the HIT survey of local jurisdictions.
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Structural Racism

Discriminatory actions and racist public policies have produced inequitable outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the Washington region, including lower incomes and wealth, lower homeownership rates, and higher rates of housing cost burden.

Housing Context

Understanding how household incomes relate to the supply of affordable rental and homeownership units will inform jurisdictions' efforts to meet the current and future housing needs of residents.

Elected Officials

  1. Michael J. Jones

    Council President - Richmond South Central 9th Voter District

  2. Kristen M. Nye

    Council Vice President - Richmond Southwest 4th Voter District

  3. Andreas D. Addison

    Council Member - Richmond West End 1st Voter District

  4. Katherine Jordan

    Council Member - Richmond North Central 2nd Voter District

  5. Ann-Frances Lambert

    Council Member - Richmond Northside 3rd Voter District

  6. Stephanie A. Lynch

    Council Member - Richmond Central 5th Voter District

  7. Cynthia I. Newbille

    Council Member - Richmond East End 7th Voter District

  8. Reva M. Trammell

    Council Member - Richmond Southside 8th Voter District

  9. Ellen F. Robertson

    Council Member - Richmond Gateway 6th Voter District

Equity Officer

  1. Osita Iroegbu

    Manager, Office of Equity and Inclusion

Housing Officials

  1. Steven B. Nesmith

    Steven B. Nesmith

  2. Sherrill Hampton

    Director of Housing & Community Development